Prophecies across the Americas foretell a great spiritual springtime that will come after 500 years, to cleanse the pain of the colonial past and ancestral wounding on these lands.

The eagle represents the north, the indigenous people with their message and knowledge, a masculine energy that discovers, invents and makes things happen. It also represents the mind and advanced technology. The condor represents the south and its indigenous people, and is a softer, more heartfelt feminine energy, deeply connected with the earth.

The same prophecy appears in all the ancient traditions and is not only a reunion of the condor and the eagle, but is a reunion of the entire human race. And this reunion is happening right now.

Dear Shimmering Hearts, It is real honour and great pleasure to be hosting The Condor  & Eagle Spring Festival 2019. During the First weekend of April we will be sharing the cultures from South America and North America plus special guest from Europe.

 This includes: two fire medicine ceremonies, Sweat Lodges ; massage therapy, live music performances, word Sharing circles & Food.  Spaces are limited to 40 people.


Shimmering Hearts



Shimmering Hearts



Shimmering Hearts



  • 1pm Sweat lodge lead by Rafael Ayala

  • Communal Lunch

  • Word Sharing Circle

  • Condor Medicine Night And Fire Circle with master Shaman Kurikindi



  • Kamboo after the medicine ceremony (additional cost)

  • Communal Lunch

  • Ethical market, Massage Time , Arts &Crafts Word Sharing Circle

  • Live music

  • Light communal dinner

  • Grandfather Hivshu

  • Live music performance
    (during the Saturday one resting day without any medicine for recover the body , and for don’t mix the two different medicines)


  • Sweat Lodge lead by Rafael Ayala (4hours)

  • Communal Lunch

  • Ethical Market , Massage Time, Arts & Crafts

  • Eagle Fire Circle Medicine lead by Alberto Arroyo and Anna Bariyani

***Amazonian Culture***



Kurikindi is an indigenous Kichwa Amazonian Shaman. He was born in the rainforests of Ecuador and into to an ancient line of Shamanic Families. Kurikindi has over 36 years of experience. Since very young, he walked the path of a shaman. In his family there is no separation between everyday life and shamanic life. Before he could even walk or talk he was immersed in the shamanic way of life. He feels that growing up in his atmosphere was a great privilege and an honour. His family travelled long distances and to other countries in South America to spend time with Shamans from other cultures and nationalities to learn and share knowledge and experiences. Kurikindi had the unique opportunity to learn from, and work alongside both male and female Shamans as both his parents, grandparents and great grandparents we practising Shamans. This is a very unusual situation in the Amazon. Kurikindi ́s life changed dramatically when he was 12 years old. He had to save the life of a powerful and well known shaman, his father. After this and, although still very young, he was recognized as an adult practising shaman. Until then, he had only been an apprentice. Kurikindi started having visions when he was 4 years old and now at 46 year of age, still young by most shamanic standards, he finds himself here in the UK, ready to talk, to teach, to learn and to listen.


Anna Bariyani
Anna Bariyani, singer and medicine woman from Norway. Deeply rooted in her native Norse folklore and Arctic shamanic traditions, she has for over a decade extended her work through studies with the Yawanawa and Huni Kuin people of the Brazilian Amazon, in addition to the Native American Red Road. Honouring the prophecies of old, Anna dedicates her work to build bridges between all guardians of the Sacred in order to catalyse the paradigm shift into the new time. She is the founder of the Aurora Alliance and the creator of Solaris Festival. She is also the singer of the group Curawaka.

Alberto Arroyo
Alberto Arroyo from Guerrero, Mexico, began his Red Path already as a boy learning from his grandmother, a great curandera of Aztec lineage. Already as an adolescent he began to study the knowledge of his ancestors, the Danza Azteca, the sacred medicines, the rituals, the songs and stories, the cosmology and its magic. He has also been taken under the wings of the Huichol masters of Wirikuta and is member of Native American Church. He continues to walk the sacred path offering his service with his music, the fire, with the water drum, Aztec dances, temazcales and more.

***wisdom from the Artitc by Hivshu***



‘‘I was born in 1956 with the heritage name Hivshu – Voice of Arctic. Among my name is Robert E. Peary, the name of my great-grandfather Admiral Peary who was among my people during two decades of 19 centuries until he reached the North Pole in 1909. He made two sons with my great-grandmother Aliкahit. The younger son was my grandfather Kâla, named after his grandfather Kâla who was a Shaman, the heritage pass on to him through generations by his ancestors. I am a keeper of Inughuit heritage to pass on to the next generation. I was raised in to the traditional life of Inughuit in the northernmost settlement in the world, Siorapaluk, 60 km north of the village Qaanaaq, Greenland, 1300 km’s (800 miles) from the North Pole. There lives 800 Inughuit with the hunters and carriers of Inughuit traditional drum songs and traditional stories. Even the technology has become part of the daily life in the village, the hunting is still based on the traditional harpoon beside the modern weapons. The dogsled is still very important in winter hunting on the ice when the dogs are the ears and noses to find the breathing holes of sea-animals and the animals “walking” on the ice and land. But the climate change has influenced on the life of the people on the northernmost region. Oral storytelling was and is the important part of our traditions to keep to pass on to the next generation when it is about the life of the nature and the life of everything. And the important part is to remind the descendants to remember their ancestors as they were struggling for this life we inherit. The stories are telling us how to survive the extremely harsh Arctic winter night lasted for 4 months with no sun. With this amazing tradition I am happen to inherit, I will put you into the universe of the people of mine where the connection to the nature and life is very important. This will remind you your own old memory and origin to understand better the nature of your own life.
This wisdom is my heritage from my ancestors to pass on.’’