Confirmation Details


Dear Shimmering hearts thank you for trusting and booking for our next   Ritual with the Elements. Following some information that you will find important. You can arrive from 10am onwards. Fire starts at 11am.

***We recommend people to be present when the fire starts, it is an important part of the ritual, hence the name: Ritual with the Elements****

What to bring:

Clothes: bring towel, warm clothes (for after the sweat lodge), Shorts (men), swimming costume (women), women can also bring a something to wrap around inside the Sweat Lodge (sarong).

·      The land could be a bit muddy so bring boots.

·      Food: We advice you to have a good breakfast. No eating 2hrs before the going into the Sweat Lodge. Bring food to share after the Sweat Lodge. Normally we gather around the fire to share food after the Sweat Lodge.

·      Bring rattles, drums or any other music instrument, learn songs to share. You can find some songs in or pages:

·      https://www.facebook.com/shimmeringhearttemazcaluk/

·      http://www.healingthelandproject.com/ceremony-songs

Farm Rules

·      No plastic!!! Not wet wipes!! Whatever you bring to the farm you take with you please... The farm is place for healing and must be respected. We take all rubbish with us. Bring a bottle of water and refill it at the farm. Water at the farm is really good. 


·      Please if you are driving try to park in a considerable way. Parking paces are very limited. You can also park in the pub near by. Under not circumstances block the entrance or the way for other vehicles to leave farm Please. This is a serious health & Safety Hazard!!

·      Confidentiality: Never under any circumstances say the name of the farm or of our landlady out side our circle of friends and of course never disclosed what goes on in the farm. Please very careful what you say in the minicab or Uber. In our confidentiality depends that we can continue doing our work. “What happens at the farm stays at the farm”

What to expect:

Have no expectations! It will get hot and we will sweat a lot.

We go in as a family and come out as family.  Check the page for information about what the Sweat Lodge is: www.healingthelandproject.com/sweat-lodge

My number in case you need to contact me. Please know that I will be in the Sweat Lodge area and signal is very low there.

In case you need me send me a text message.  07757946219

P.S you can always call me before the Sweat Lodge if you have any questions. 

See you around the fire

For all my Relations


Berkeley Farm Manor, Essex, RM4 1NH