The Seeds Alliance Outreach and Networking trip to Colombia

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The Seeds Alliance Outreach and Networking trip to Colombia

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Hey Relatives, I hope all is well with you. I am reaching to you because I need your support. As part of my life journey and as the next stage of my work and project ( it is time for me to go back to the Rain forest to connect with the land there and also to establish relations with other tribes and communities to create stronger networks between London and Colombian and Ecuadorian indigenous communities defending the Amazon Rain forest and the natural resources for us all.
Whatever happens in the Amazon concerns us all! 

With these funds I will travel to visit communities in the Cauca region, Putumayo, Narino and the Uwa community in Boyaca. These regions are gravely affected by violence and they hold very important resources for their people, their communities and the world. Their example of peaceful resistance is something we must learn and adopt according to our conditions here in Europe. 

I will be working together with indigenous leaders, farmers and artist to put together our plan for social, economic change and evolution. The result of this outreach and work will be part of what we call Seeds Alliance. 

The Seeds Alliance is our answer to develop leadership in people and communities and help them become sovereign, independent and self-efficient. 
We are launching the Seeds Alliance in May 2019. 
To fin out more and join us visit: 

Thank you all for your support,

Rafael Ayala Silva


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