North London Drumming Circle

North London Drumming Circle

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Critical Drumming (Youth Project)


In times of budget cuts, privatisation, university fees going up - in others words in times of financial crisis - it is important more than ever that we prepare to take to the streets to exercise our democratic rights and let the current government know that we don't agree with fundamental concepts of their politics. That hits the working class harder.

In light of these circumstances, we must come out to the streets, pickets, and demonstrations in force.  Using our imagination, talent, cultural richness and diversity to have a wider impact, rally more people around our cause and ultimately heat up our marching lines. Critical Drumming is all about connecting an ancient practice with our current social and political needs.

Drumming is a powerful way of communication. Use by African tribes and Asian cultures to call the to rally for special occasions. Drumming was used to communicate between the tribes and to go to war. Thus, critical drumming aims to create an atmosphere of unity and strength by drumming along with the demonstrations, with the pickets and anywhere where need it in the UK.

Background History

The concept of Critical Drumming did not came about in isolation. It is the result of many years of work with Unite the Union and especially with the Justice for Cleaners campaign.

For over 5 years we have accompanied the Union and the campaign on several occasions, at the Mayor's office, British Airways, 1st of may, regularisation demonstration and Coca-cola, among others.   

Critical Drumming Project

 Our proposal is basically to establish a core group of drummers in the union. Ready to take to the demonstrations whenever it is needed.