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Fundraising Event for people of the Philippines (Typhoon Haiyan)




Ecstatic Dance, Yoga, Meditation,Healing, Raffle in support of the people of the Philippines post Typhoon Haiyan)... 

Evolving structure:

ALL EVENING Healings / chocs / shop / raffle tickets 

7.30-7.40 music arrival

7.40-8pm opening circle/ Humandala + partner yoga 
Ieva Wildlovebeamer and Keef 

8pm--8.30 yoga relay:
Rad Kaim, Keef Miles, Bridget Woods Kramer, Daniella Odds, Dirish Shaktidas+

8.30- 9.10 dance - Keef Miles / Ieva + musicians including Rafa Semilla+ Meditation with Andrew Marstrand

9.10- 9.40 raffle/social/healings/talk?
9.40-9.50 closing circle

more details to follow very soon....

Suggested Entrance donation £10 * pay more or less as you feel able 

(*after costs of venue - all funds raised will be going to the Philippines - we will announce soon exactly what that means, as we are investigating the most effective and personal connection we can make)

Looking for more offerings for raffle (objects or vouchers for services) and more healers to offer for donations