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Fundraising to support the indigenous people of the sacred desert Wirikuta


Due to great perils, The Wirraritari are extremely close to losing their most sacred site Wirikuta in the desert northwest of Mexico as this land has been sold by the government of Mexico to the Canadian mining company, First Silver Majestic. This will destroy the flora and fauna of the region and the Wirraritari’s most sacred ceremonial site, to which they make a pilgrimage of more than 300km a year in search of their of their sacred plants. That is why this year, more Marakames are travelling out of Mexico to create awareness, to open hearts, to prepare people for the dawn of consciousness, and to bring the gift of “ceremonia” to people of the West who need it greatly.

Huichols: on the path to Wirikuta

The Huichols or Wixaritari (wi’ ra’tari) are an indigenous people of central Mexico, who live in the Sierra Madre Occidental range in the States of Nayarit, Jalisco. Zacatecas and San Luis Potosi. There are around 25,000 Huicholes living in the 11 municipios in a range of 700,000 hectares and around 20,000 more living in other cities and towns.

The Huichol or Wirrárica people are one of the few people that have remained pure since the Spanish conquest. They have survived with great vitality, thanks to the rough landscape of their territories, it’s decentralised political organization and their ability to adapt to the historical surroundings, as reflected by their active participation in the history of West Mexico. Nevertheless, the main strength of their cultural reproduction is the collective resolve to keep their ancestral traditions. They are not only a pure nation down to their roots but also in their spirituality and their cosmology. The Huichols make decorations, offerings, shields and arrows in order to tell the story of the world and creation of the world and the universe. They use these to stop the wind, call the rain or the sun and for sorcery related rituals.The Huichols claim they originated from the State of San Luis Potosi. Now they extend to Nayarit, Jalisco, Zacatecas and Durango of the rugged sierra. Once yearly, some Huichol journey back to San Luis Potosi to gather their most sacred plant, the Hikuri or peyote. This is one of the oldest pilgrimages in the world, which dates back more than 50,000 years.

The Program For the event

Let us dance to the rhythms and melodies of our hearts, bodies and breath; let us immerse in the awesome music of the SunSong Dance musicians; let us honour the Sun and the Fire inside us and all around us; let us play, pray and dance together in freedom and unity: creative community

Let us generate the energy (including financially) through our solar powered movement to support the *****Communities in Mexico****, and remember our collective responsibility and opportunity to nourish and nurture the web of life on earth, to which we all belong and through which we are all connected

Ieva is an Ecstatic Dance Facilitator and Partner, Community & Family Yoga Teacher. She thinks that life is so wonderful & so much more when shared with other people, when joyous, creatie, ecstatic & wild nature is expressed through body movement. Her background is in Psychology, Transpersonal Counselling and Social Work. Ieva incorporates her academic & esoteric knowledge & creates symbolic fun happenings to support individual to open up to the wonder of this wonderful life!


With over 18 years of study and practice in a wide variety of yoga, body-work, ecstatic dance (5-Rhythms and Movement Medicine), meditation, tantric, shamanic, and other traditional and contemporary mindfulness practices - Keef brings a depth and lightness to his teachings. He is a

multi-certified yoga teacher,Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and a long term Apprentice Teacher of Movement Medicine.

Magical master drummer Rafa Semilla on the percussion with the band. 



Leo Rutherford is a renowned shaman, teacher and pioneer of shamanism in the West. He was one of the first people to bring the teachings of shamanism to the UK and founded the Eagle's Wing Centre for Contemporary Shamanism (Now 'College of Shamanic Medicine') in 1987. He has published five books including ‘The View through the Medicine Wheel,’ ‘Shamanic Path Workbook’ and ‘Principles of shamanism.’Leo describes his own journey :“I feel like I have lived two lives! The first included ten years of rigid boarding school, national service and engineering training followed by various awful jobs leading up to the opportunity to run a small manufacturing company, which I did for twelve years. While the first nine years of this were a great experience, even though very challenging, accumulated stress led me to a mid-life crisis of depression and a dire gut wrenching need to a make much greater sense of life.“I was able to take my life apart and start over a second time. I got involved in the burgeoning Alternative Movement of the 1970’s and after a while found my way to San Francisco, that great melting pot of new ideas, new thinking and experiments in human evolution. There I enrolled in the Fischer-Hoffman Process (now Hoffman Process) which helped me no end with left over childhood issues. I re-learned to dance my body with Gabrielle Roth and took part in her first ever training in 1982, I joined the unique Holistic Psychology MA programme at Antioch University where I learned loads and also came across the ancient wisdom of the Native American people. I gradually came to realise that their psychology, ecology and spiritual understanding is far superior to anything in our world and I have followed this ancient wisdom every since.“As I have got older, so I have become younger! It is my great joy to pass on to others through these workshops, some of the experience and knowledge that has helped me to transform my life. A process that goes on and on…“I have been a practitioner now for thirty years and will continue till it’s time to go!”


Akasha is a shamanic teacher, practitioner and healer who is committed to sharing her knowledge and healing abilities, and to assist people on a path of personal transformation. She is passionate about self-development and spiritual growth, and has over the past 12 years explored many different healing modalities including reiki, re birthing, massage, yoga, sacred dance, meditation, energy healing, psychology, counseling, indigenous shamanic healing, sound healing and Amazonian plant spirit shamanism.

She began her spiritual journey 12 years ago when she began intensive training with Maestro Brassilian Shaman Dougy Maricato De Souza for eight years, with the use of sacred Amazonian plant teachers.

Akasha has studied a wide variety of spiritual healing practices from different cultures and is able to weave traditional knowledge together with modern approaches to personal growth. Her main focus is on shamanism in its many forms, and is especially drawn to Amazonian and South American shamanism and its relevance today for the modern world. Akasha has trained with several shamans within the lineage of Native American, Peruvian and European Shamanism.

For the past three years she has been training intensively in the Amazon with two Indigenous Maestro Peruvian Shamans, Don Javier Arevalo Shauano and Don Nemias, both from the Napruna region of the Peruvian Amazon. Both Maestros are ‘Bancos’, bancos is the highest order of Shaman attainable in the Amazon. She spends several months of every year in the Amazon deepening her training with tribal shamans, studying the ancient healing techniques and learning how to work with the healing energies of Mother Earth. She also leads groups of westerners to the Amazon to work, heal and train under master Indigenous tribal Shamans, to heal with the sacred Amazonian plant teachers. She has been walking the Medicine wheel now for two years, and is a mesa carrier.

Akasha is a spirit of love and compassion who devotes her healing work to introducing people to the ancient shamanic indigenous ways of ceremony. She runs courses and workshops teaching indigenous Peruvian and Native American shamanism and healing techniques, and she runs a daily healing clinic for one to one sessions in South West London. She believes that love is the most powerful and healing energy in the universe and love is her main driving force.


Suggested Donation £15

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Later Event: 7 November
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