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  • Local World Arts 80 Tatum Street SE17 1QR London (map)
  • Local World Arts Project
    Is a leadership building and events management course that aims to provide the skills, knowledge and experience necessary 
    to the participants to have a real and tangible social and economic impact in their lives and the lives of others within their
    communities. Local World Arts, will train the community leaders and entrepreneurs that will bring about the necessary
    shift and development for their communities.

    Our approach to education focuses in training community leaders and entrepreneurs with integrity, moral responsibility 
    and with a deep understanding of tolerance, and social cohesion. In order to achieve this we will work with each individual 
    on a one to one basis as well in groups to help them achieve coherence within themselves. Support them to overcome the
    barriers and challenges that may be preventing them from succeeding and ascend to a better living standard. 

    Our course will cover topics such as: Budgeting, Branding development, Legal advice and procedures among others. 
    Local World Arts will be a social and community platform to where we will help communities to address issues such as: high 
    levels of unemployment, job dissatisfaction, depression, stress, drug abuse and violence within our communities.

    “if you are waging a war inside you, how can you win the battle outside?”

    The project will be delivered in partnership with Candela UK and its Director Jose Luis Seijas. Jose Luis Seijas. Born in Venezuela, also known as DJ Jose Luis is an event music entrepreneur that has promoted, organized and delivered over 1000 events from small product launch parties to large-scale outdoor events. He has contributed to the growth and development of the Latino club scene in the UK and Europe in the last 10 years and now co, UK biggest website for Latino lifestyle and the LUKAS, the Latin UK Awards as well as 
    other clubnights and events in England and abroad.

    This introductory course will run for 6 weeks and it is the taster for the full one-year course will starting in 
    Winter/Spring 2014.

    Register at:

    Starting on: 9th of January 2014 
    Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
    Pembroke House, 
    80 Tatum Street,
    London SE17 1QR


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