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Healing the Land Sacred Temazcal

Dear Sisters and brothers, It is a pleasure and a honour to invite you to the next Sacred Temascales ( Sacred Sweat lodge). 

Location: North London
Limited places
Price: £40
To booked: pay 50% of total price to
Call or text: 07757946219

Temazcal (sweat lodge); 

There are variations in how a Temazcal is carried out, in some cultures it is a sacred ceremony whereas in others it fulfills the function of physical bath and in some other traditions only women are invited to participate.

this time we are honoring the Lakota tradition, that is to say of the indigenous of the North of The United States.

This has several functions, in that we sweat and thus it is useful to detox our body but also allows us to honor the lineage, tradition and ritual. This bath of steam has the purpose of a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual cleanse.

It generally follows four stages known as doors. In each of these, volcanic stones (or grandmothers) are warmed in a fire, once brought inside one prays to the spirits guardians of the temazcal and water is spilt on the incandescent rocks in such a way that the steam floods the dark vault of the temazcal and purifies the atmosphere, this induces perspiration which detoxes the system, by cleansing the skin and the respiratory tract.

In the second stage or door, the physical cleanliness continues but the emotional one begins, generally this is when emotions and fears rise to the surface to be released etc. It is then when participants are asked to sing to Chanel their emotions into something creative; often a song joins all the members and is intoned increasingly loudly in the measure that the emotions sprout from the heat of the temazcal and the managing of the energy. Between the aborigines it is said that the grannies stones, the water, the air and the heat, or four elements, are recovering.

For the third door, it is asked that the elements of nature across the warm steam clean the thoughts. Also it is those who ask to do a prayer for some person especially.

The fourth door is dedicated to the spirit of the assistants. It is said because it is loaded with energy, with happiness, wisdom and very much love. Ultimately, on having gone out of the bath we shower with cold water to close the open pores for the heat, to moderate the spirit and to seal the treatment.

In the temazcal Lakota tradition the topic and number of doors can change; for example in some only a door is done to pray, and in others the first doors are dedicated to the silence. In addition in many occasions there are in use aromatic infusions prepared with medicinal plants. This variation of functions of the steam bath depends on the guide and on the topic to treating.