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Community Water Prayer Under the Mayan Sign of IMOX

Dear family, it is our pleasure and joy to invite you to share a community afternoon of water prayers under the mayan sign of IMOX.

At times we become too busy to truly commune with nature, to interact with the elements, to be grateful and to make offerings!

The IMOX or water Nawal

This day brings us the opportunity to connect with the spirit of water and all it represents, it is a good time to become receptive and to increase spiritual fortitude. Traditionally on this day ceremonies are carried out to pray for successful harvests, usually with beans and corn which formed the staple diet of the mayans.

Under the influence of IMOX we are more receptive to the messages of nature, and just like we plant seeds, we can plan the next steps forward on our path and to channel the energies of change.

As we are so largely composed of water, we must not under estimate the importance of learning to commune with this element and its potential of inner change and growth when worked with consciously.

This is a community event and as such it is FREE of charge, though as always we are grateful for any donations for the work that we do. Please meet us at The Inti & Waira House At 6PM so we can make our way to a nearby lake in our back yard forest!

Bring your intentions and your offerings: candles, cacao, tobacco, flowers and seeds, bring your love, your songs and your instruments some snacks to share and join us for an evening of meditation, offerings manifestation and most importantly celebration!

In love and gratitude

Rafa & Caro