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One Love Tribal Gathering Valentine’s Special Shamanic Sunday Mass

  • St John's Church, London, United Kingdom Waterloo Road London, SE1 8TY United Kingdom (map)

One Love Tribal Gathering Valentines celebration of
Universal LOVE

Dear Familia, please come and join your tribe of brothers and sisters to celebrate our Shamanic tribal roots and to join together with the power of LOVE in our incredible new venue, St Johns Church, Waterloo, with Sacred Shamanic South American Drumming ceremony with 'Ara Olokun' - 'Children of the Olokun' they will be making a rare public appearance for our event, bringing the Yoruba ancestral tradition of Africa and Cuba and Special Performance from Lucidia and Rafael.

Come join your familia to sing, dance and pray in the ancient Shamanic ways of our ancestors, to express our deep love for this planet and one another. To give our gratitude for all that we have. 

We are please to announce we will have 'Ara Olokun' (Masters Bata Drummers).

performing 2 sacred Drum Ceremonies to call the Master Spirits and Saints. This is the first time they will perform this ancient Drum ceremony in public.

This powerful ancient Shamanic Drumming ceremony from Afro Cuba will be in 2 parts (Part 1: calling and honouring the Saints and Part 2: Song for Elegua) Please see at the bottom of the page for some more info)

'We are blessed with a direct link to age old sacred traditions, praise poetry and songs of survival and resilience with talking drums which express the quality of divinity'
Watch this short video on Youtube to see this incredible drumming ceremony

We are very happy to announce that the amazing Lucidia and Rafael will also be performing for us their incredibly beautiful music full of divine love.

Our lastest video of the last beautiful One Love Tribal Gathering at 'The Hive' Dalston

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Ara Olokun -
Bata: The Sacred Drums of the Yoruba of Cuba.
The Africans in Cuba were able to reconstruct and invent innumerable musical instruments to represent and assist in cultural reclamation, the sacred set of three Bata drums of the Yoruba can unequivocally be considered the most important musical symbol of this reclamation movement. The Bata are two-headed cone shaped talking drums with three different sizes.

The largest and lead drum is called the Iya. The middle size drum is called the Itotele and the smallest drum is the Okonkolo.
The Bata are uniquely Yoruba being scarcely found in other territories and up until recently were used only for the purpose of ritual and worship surviving as a combination of age, skill, knowledge of tradition and the ability to communicate to listeners and devotees by touching your heart retracing the paths that the African people took to Cuba. We are blessed with a direct link to age old sacred traditions, praise poetry and songs of survival and resilience with talking drums which express the quality of divinity.

“Drums as a rule and ritual drums especially are not instruments which individuals aspire to possess for their own private use or for self delectation.

These drums are owned corporately, belonging to shrines or societies and entrusted to certain elders who guard them in service for the community” *J H Nketia This forms the basic underpinning of all-important activity. Olubata, Iyalorisa, Babalawo, Herbalists and Artists are all bound by this understanding. We all work for the betterment and continuation of the whole by improving the self. Without the context of the group, personal gain makes little sense.

Part 1 - Oru seco (drums only)
Salute to the warriors (guerreros)

Part 2- Song for Eleggua to close
6/8 Canto para Eleggua para cerrar
Ará Olókun- Hijos de Olokun are :

Flavio Correa (Cuba) Vocals + Iya
Jorge Santo (Argentina) Itotele
Wilmer Sinfontes (Venezuela) Okonkolo
Angela Paz Alhucema (Chile) vocals + Chekere

*J H Nketia - Drumming in Akan communities of Ghana ,
Accra 1963

The One Love Tribal Gatherings are full energy tribal devotional gatherings, honouring our shamanic ancestry, and connecting on much deeper levels to one another. One Love is a tribal movement for London and the World. These are Shamanic fundraising events, raising money and awareness for Indigenous Tribal Communities and tribal Shamans. Akasha and Rafa have been working closely in the last 3 years with Ninawa Pai Da Mata and Txana Ikakuru from the remote Kaxinawa Tribe Indians of the Brazilian Amazon and the Taitas in Colombia from the Cofan Tribe.

“One Love Tribe seeks to work towards supporting, protecting and preserving tribal peoples way of life and ancient wisdom, putting projects in place in their communities for alternative energy, permaculture, health, water, sanitation and education”