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Amazonian Kaxinawa Tribe Leaders Lead One Love Tribal Gathering

Amazonian Kaxinawa Tribe Spiritual Leaders - Sharing Ancient Wisdom - Ninawa Pai Da Mata and Txana Ikaruru.

We are truly honoured to be having 2 Master Shamans from the remote Kaxinawa Amazonian Indian tribe coming to the UK this summer 2016. The Kaxinawá Tribe or Huni Kuin ('True People') as they calls themselves, are a remote and ancient tribe situated deep in the Amazon Rainforest between Brazil and Peru, and are in neighboring territories to the Ashaninka, the Shanenawá and the Madijá Tribes.

At this One Love they will be holding a fascinating talk/ shamanic ceremony where they will be exploring their ancient Culture, Cosmology, Sacred Traditions and their Amazonian Tribal way of life. They will be performing incredibly powerful and ancient Sacred Chants from the Huni Kuin tribe, which are many thousands of years old. Part of the funds raised from this talk will go directly to the preservation of the Kaxinawas, and to better their way of life. This is the 4th year we will have them back in the UK, and have used funds raised over the last few years to build new eco homes, a new temple, alternative energy, perma toilets, sanitation etc.... and have plans for many more projects that will protect and preserve this ancient tribe and their lands.

These 2 Masters come to share their love and wisdom and ask for our help as their tribe faces many crises with the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest, and their ancient way of life.

Ninawa Huni Kuin is a spiritual leader and Master ‘Pajé’ Shaman from his tribe; he is a beautiful spirit that carries with him a long lineage and vast ancient wisdom of many thousands of years from his tribal ancestors. Ninawa is a being of love and compassion, and helps us westerners to connect back to our tribal roots, and awaken to our shamanic ancestry.

Ninawa went to speak at the united nations to ask for help for his people and the protection of the Amazon Rainforest, its Tribes, rivers and all the ancient trees, plants and animals.

Here is a video of Ninawa speaking as a representative for the Kaxinawa Huni Kuin Tribe of their current crisis

Master Shaman Txana Ikakuru lives in his native Kaxinawa tribe village in the Jordao region oof Acre State. He is the grandson of Romao Sales (who was one of the main guardians of the sacred and ancient Huni Kuin chants of Nixi Pae) and grandson of the 103 years old Master Kaxinawa Shaman Mukaya, who Txana is still training under. Txana Ikakuru was chosen by them to carry the ancient Huni Kuin chants of the Nixi Pae and the healing knowledge. Txana is the spiritual leader of his village, which is located deep in the Amazon forest. His knowledge on medicinal plants, sacred chants and healing arts is vast. And we are truly honoured to be having him come for the first time to the UK, leaving his village to travel internationally to share this ancient knowledge and sacred chants.

Spiritual Leaders Ninawa Pai da Mata and Txana Ikakuru are 2 of the main public representatives for the Huni Kuin peoples. During this talk/shamanic ceremony both Ninawa and Txana will sing the ancient sacred chants of their people to heal us and heal the planet. These chants are many thousands of years old and very powerful! They will also teach us some of the ancient Kaxinawa dances. This is a sacred night when the rainbow warriors from the 4 directions in the concrete jungle, join in alliance and prayer with our Amazonian Tribal family for the planet and all of humanity. An important gathering as a worldwide family to pray for peace and share our love!

Come along and be part of the Ceremony, part of the Tribe!

Kaxinawa Culture

They come to spread their message of love, tell the west of their plight in the Amazon and share their wisdom by teaching the ancient ways and cosmology of their tribe. They wish to come to the west to ask for help from the Rainbow Warriors (that is us!) and to help us raise our own vibration and heal ourselves, so that we can be better humans to assist Pacha Mama (our dear Mother Earth)

In the Huni Kuin society a Shaman is known as a ‘Pajé’. The Pajé has the spiritual power to heal and cure people; he/she is the middleman between this plane of existence and the spiritual realms. The shaman communes with the spirits.

Although Pajés (shamans) have been one of the most persecuted figures of the indigenous societies, the Kaxinawá society still keeps them as a significant element in its culture. The conquerors tried hard to crush the ancient shamanic knowledge of the Amazonian tribes and Shamans, to weaken their social organization. However, the Kaxinawá had resisted. The Kaxinawas have suffered much by being victims of slaughter, captivity, slavery, discrimination and preconceptions, still thus they have managed to keep alive essential aspects of their traditions, as rituals, myths and dances, and they have safe guarded their ancient and vast plant medicine knowledge, and knowledge on the magical and healing arts.

Luckily as they are so remote in the Amazon, the missionaries did not make it them to try and convert their tribal beliefs, so there wisdom has stayed mainly intact. Today they face many new and immediate problems arising, threatening their ancient tribal way of life, as they are surrounded by the destruction of Mama Amazon, the sacred plants, trees and animals and eco systems and the many rivers begins to encroach on their territory. The Kaxinawas ask us for help and support in these difficult times for Mama Amazon and all its relatives.

The Huni Kuin receives their knowledge and wisdom over many thousands of years from the forest, the rivers, the plants, the elements, trees and animals. They are the true caretakers and protectors of the Amazon. Their knowledge on the preparation of the Amazon medicinal plants is vast and ancient, they know a cure for every condition, be it mental, physical or spiritual, this knowledge must be protected and their ancient way of life. It is of great importance, that we from the west show our support to our Amazonian tribal brothers and sisters who are fighting on the front line for the great forest.

You have an incredible opportunity to attend a talk with these 2 Master tribal Shamans. Show your support to the Huni Kuin tribe by attending this incredible, unique and rare first time opportunity to be with them in the UK and help spread the word. They will be travelling on a difficult and long journey of 6 days to get to us here (3 days is part of the journey by boat ride down the Amazon, and that is only one part of the journey!). We are very blessed and honored to have such masters here for the first time in the UK and Europe. Please come and support this amazing Amazonian Tribe.

Viva Kaxinawa Huni Kuin! Viva Pacha Mama!

Aho! Haux Haux!

These master shamans will come to the UK for all of July 2016 to perform shamanic healings, talks, workshops, and teach their powerful ancient dances and tribal chants/songs. Have a look on our Facebook page for events that will be posted soon. Like our page to hear about our future Shamanic gatherings and work Suuporting Tribal Communities.