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Drumming & Shamanism Working with the Elements Workshops

***Shamanic drumming course Working with the elements***

Drums have been use for thousands of years by many cultures ancient and modern. The main principle is that the beat of the drum connect us directly to the beat of the earth and our hearts. The Drum is one of the most important tool for a shaman/healer. It is ceremonial instrumental that becomes a channel to our inner self an also to the spirit realm. 

It also serves a social purpose by bringing people together and creating a space for music, joy, interaction, sharing . Our course will teach participants drumming from the hearth and give them the opportunity to find their inner drumming master. 

The magic of the elements: I often ask about what is shamanism and how to initiate the shamanic path. My answer is pretty simple shamanism is the art of communicating with the elements and thus reach a higher level of understanding of the universe and one self. Nature elements: earth, water, air and fire are essential for our existence in this realm, but they are also channels of communications, they keep and carry information, wisdom. 

In this course our participants will also learn how to communicate
to the elements through drumming and other shamanic practices such, meditation, prayers, offerings, ancestral medicines. 

By the end of the course Participants will be proficient in Afro-Colombian drumming and have a clear understanding of drumming techniques.

12 weeks course

18th of August to 1st of September
Earth (Cumbia): Connecting to the earth element through the ancestral rhythm of Cumbia. Cumbia represents the strength and the resilience of the people against slavery. We play Cumbia to transmute the sorrows and sadness into happiness and celebration. Cumbia is a cry from the earth for freedom. As part of this module we will learn about the principal concepts behind an offering to the earth. 

8th, 15th & 22nd of September
Water (Currulao): the water element will be represent by this rhythm from the pacific coast of Colombia. The Currulao is carry by the Marimba – distant relative of the xylophone- and it will be the channel to connect to the cleansed power of the grandmother water. 

29th of September, 6th 13th October
Air (Puya): To explore the element of the air we will commune with the Colombian Gaita or kuisi bunsi and kuisi sigi. The gaitas will lead us into exploring the nature of air and the power of a prayer. 

20th, 27th 30th October
Fire (Mapale): This is a furious and fast rhythm, it is fire itself. To keep up, you will have to have fire in your hands. Through the Mapale we will connect to the Tatiwari (grandfather fire) the wise and healing spirit. This module will be the last one of the course. As a closing and graduation ceremony we will be carrying the drum prayer at the Shamanic event: The One Love Tribal Gathering on the 30th of October.  

Other complementary activities:
We will be running other sacred ceremonies along this programme. We highly recommend you try to take part as it will deepen your knowledge and understanding of the shamanism and the elements. 

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