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Temazcalli Ceremonies with Hugo and Charlotte Tlecuauhtli


Temazcal dates: 
29th/30th of July: Barnet, North London

£40 per ceremony/ £70 for whole weekend
Advance booking required:

TEMAZCALLI in nahuatl language comes from :
TE : TETL ; stone , MA : MAZITLI ; hot , CALLI : house
TEMAZCALLI house of the hot stones ...
or also called sweatlodge

Today a temazcalli is interpreted as a sauna
but it is something more profound
its one of the most ancient ceremonies passed on
by more than 4 solar generations.

For the future, to help us in dificult times .

The shape of the temazcalli represents the sacred womb
of the mother earth
in which we enter to let go of what we no longer need
to purify and be reborn,
to renovate our energy with the power of the 4 elements,
to remember the origin of life ,
where we come from and where life wants to take us
to put our intentions , to ask for help , healing
send healing to your family and the world.

After we have heated up the hot volcanic stones in the sacred fire ,
(we call the stones the grandmothers - because they are the oldest ones who carry the ancient knowledge)
we bring them inside the womb in the center of the circle
and pour water on the hot stones to awaken this ancient knowledge.
This divine fusion of water and fire by de ancestors called ATLACHINOLLI
which represents the duality of life , the divine presence wich brings us healing.
We add medicines to the stones , like copal,sage,ceder essential oils, herbs and many more
which we then breath in when this steam is released from the stones,
not only to clean our energy fields or to heal us spiritually but the temazcalli has many fysical
benefits like detoxification , weightloss , astma , skin rejuvination , physical strength,...

All this is accompanied by traditional medicine songs.
These songs are a way to talk to the spirits , to give thanks , to heal
and to ask for blessings for yourself and all your relations ,
to remember to respect our mother earth , father sky and the elements
that we are all brothers and sisters regardless color , race or religion .
We all have to share and grow together to bring peace on this planet

the temazcal will be in 4 rounds , 4 times we open the door to let the air come in and each door will be dedicated to one of the 4 elements. Take this time to reconnect with the powers of nature...

Mitacuye Oyasin

What to bring :

A towel , swimwear , make sure you have something against the cold because you will be wet after the temazcalli , comfortable clothes , water (some fruits , offerings , medicine or flowers ) 

About Hugo :
Born in Mexico .
Mexico comes from the ancient nahuatl language :
ME : MEZTLI ; moon , XIC : XICTLI ; bellybutton , CO : place of
Mexico , the place of the bellybutton of the moon
thats how the ancestors used to call it .

With his native linage he has been iniciated in to the Mexica Tolteca tradition by Nauiyoatecutli Juan Tamatzin, born in Cuautitlan (place of the eagles) now called the stade of Mexico, he is of the Calpulli (family group of tradition) Cuauhtlatoatzin (the eagle speaks).
For many years he has been studying the pre-spanish mexican culture and other native american traditions and ceremonies.

The past 7 years he has been working with the traditional ceremoniy Temazcalli.

He has been sharing and in this way rescuing ancient native medicine songs. These songs are very sacred and have been passed on by generations in order to heal, to pray, and to give thanks to our mother earth our father sky and all the elements in order to ask for their help. He has been using native american flute to accompany the songs.

He now works with his partner and duality Charlotte
singing, sharing and holding the temazcal ceremonies together.