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Seeds Alliance Project- Cacao Ceremony Fundraiser

Rafa Semilla and Healing The Land Project wish to bring you an evening of sound and sacred cacao to journey into the heart of the earth, to the seeds of the earth, our future.

Our greatest mission this year is to bring to Berito Kuwar U’wa from Colombia U’Wa people, spokesperson and defender of the sacred lands of their people against destructive corporations and Jose Manca Parra who is an artist plus translator for Berito and also a man who encourages the dispersion of organic seeds in Colombia something which is completely banned in the country; to share the wealth of knowledge of their people with us here in London.

We will be using all the funds from this event to pay for the expenses of bringing these two resilient people over here to share with us their extraordinary knowledge from the depths of their connection to our Mother Earth

Come and sing and dance with us to the elements, with the rhythm of the sacred cacao, drumming and live music, let your hearts and minds be open to the voice of our Mother Earth, who is urging us to plant new seeds of change.

Doors Open from 6pm ceremony starts at 7.00pm until 10pm-

18th August 2017 £20 per person:

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**Please bring flowers, sacred objects for the altar**

LOCATION:  Hive Dalston, 260-268 Kingsland Road
E8 4DG London, United Kingdom