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Inipi Ceremonies with Uncle Keny Little Brave Sheena

We are delighted to invite you to a special meeting of prayers with Uncle Keny Little Brave, his Wife Sheena.The sweats lodges will be run in Lakota style. This will be a profound ritual with the elements guided by the ancestors of a strong tradition.

Limited places!!

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contribution: £40 per temazcal



Kenny Little Brave, a member of the Sicangu Rosebud Sioux Tribe from Corn Creek, South Dakota. Was born and raised from the chanupa sapa, the black pipe community. He is the father of 2 sons and 2 daughters, and walks with his

hasanila, Shenna Fortner. He is a leaderman of the Native American Church, a roadman of charter 3132 of South Dakota.He is a pipe carrier, and runs inipi ceremonies(sweat lodge). His family takes care of Sundance east of the Badlands in South Dakota. He was raised by his grandparents, Jenny and Luke Leading Cloud, in traditional Lakota ways. He is an artisan and authorized by Reverand Emmerson Spider Sr and Chief Bernett Iron Shell to fix ceremonial feather fans, such as, pow wow, smudge fans, and peyote fans. He has stood with the people at Wounded Knee, KXL, Split Rock, and Standing Rock to protect the traditional ways and sacred resources of unci maka(mother earth).

Shenna Fortner, born and raised in the hills of Appalachia, is a Sundancer at the Little Brave Sundance in Corn Creek, SD. She began her hunblecha, vision quest, in Ixtlan del Rio, Mexico with the bear clan under Oso Manuel. She contiuned her vision quest in Appalachia with the Little Brave family, then traveled to South Dakota to complete her fourth year. Recently she graduated from Vermont Law school with a Juris Doctorate degree in environmental law and will sit for the bar exam July 2017. She has worked with the Sicangu Rosebud Sioux tribe on the Keystone XL campaign. Last spring she worked with the Water Protector Legal Collective to defend the water protectors in their fight against the Dakota Access pipeline. She continues to stand with the people for the protection of the sacred.

Join us in this sacred ritual to be born again.