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One Love Tribal Gathering Kaxinawa Special

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Hey Beautiful People!
Welcome back!
After nearly a years break the One Love Tribal Gathering are back!
And to mark this special occasion we are very please to announce that after an incredible European tour in 2016 the Spiritual leader Txana Ikakuru of the Huni Kuin - Kaxinawá tribe from Acre, Amazon - Brazil will be headling this powerful event! We're overjoyed at him returning and this time bringing together Isarewe Huni Kuin, which are another important Spiritual Leader of the Huni Kuin people from Jordão, Acre and this year together with 2 Huni Kuin Woman's from the tribe to also bringing the female Huni Kuin power to carry on the powerful healing work praying under the flag of the Huni Kuin Indigenous!

Txana Ikakuru Huni Kuin lives in his native Huni Kuin village in the Jordão region of Acre - Amazon Brazil. He is the grandson of Romão Sales (who was one of the main guardians of the sacred and ancient Huni Kuin chants of Nixi Pae) and grandson of the 105 years old Master Kaxinawa Shaman Mukaya (In Memoriam). Txana Ikakuru was chosen by them to carry the ancient Huni Kuin lineage of the sacred chants of the Nixi Pae & the healing knowledge. He is the Spiritual Leader and Pajé of his village Boa Vista, which are located deep in the Amazon forest in Jordão, his knowledge on the medicinal plants, sacred chants, and healing arts is vast. And we truly honored to having him returning in Europe for the 3rd year to share his ancient knowledge & sacred chants.

Isarewe Huni Kuin is a Spiritual Leader, Pajé from the Reino da Estrela Village, located in the Upper Jordão River deep in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest of Acre. He began his spiritual studies at young age with his father Arthur Sales Txuã, which was an important Pajé of the Huni Kuin people; Isarewe carries within a deep knowledge from his ancestors on the sacred chants of Nixi Pae, and studies on the medicinal plants & healing work from his tradition. 

And this year we’ll have the special presence of 2 Huni Kuin Kaxinawa women coming together in the tour from the tribe to share their knowledge, sacred body paintings, and sacred songs & chants from the woman’s tradition, and will be supporting the tour with the feminine Huni Kuin energy. 

Dani Shawãrakani is a artisan specialized on the sacred Huni Kuin arts with beads and weaving, and she are studying the medicinal plants with her mother, she is the wife of Vinicius, and she comes from Boa Sorte village which are located in Humaitá, Huni Kuin land in Acre, Amazon. This is her her second time traveling outside Brazil, to share her knowledge from the Huni Kuin sacred feminine. 

Buke Inani is Txana Ikakuru's wife's, she lives in Boa Vista Village, and she is master on the Huni Kuin arts with beads & weaving, this will be her first time traveling outside Brazil, and will be supporting the tour with her presence and sharing sacred chants & songs from her tradition, and performing tribal body painting. 

The Kaxinawá Tribe or Huni Kuin (true people) as they calls themselves, are a remote and ancient tribe situated deep in the Amazon Rainforest between Brazil and Peru, and are in neighboring territories to the Asháninkas, the Yawanawa and Madijá Tribes.

*****Programme includes*****
Presentation and wisdom sharing from our special guests
Water Ceremony
Sacred Icaros
Drumming and Ecstasy Dance
Closing Prayer