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Teepee Nights

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The Ritual of the elements 

Purification Lodge, Cacao Ceremony and Sound Bath.

Teepee Nights-

Purification Lodge, Cacao Ceremony and Sound Bath.

Come and experience a night of teepee and sacred fire celebration contemplating the elements. Mother Earth waits patiently to hold into her heart frequency. The rituals of water & Fire will purify our hearts minds and bodies to connect with Mother Earth. 

The hosts Rafasemilla, Adrienne Kuna and Dominique Annaliesewill provide a wonderful platform for inspiration and transformation during this night, which will include a sacred sweat lodge ritual followed by cacao ceremony and sound healing journey. 

Rituals are portals to our ancestors and to our inner-self. They are an opportunity toelevate and purify our emotions and soul. Our ancestors have performed these rituals for thousands of years and they are a powerful way to connect and transform.

Experience the strength of each ritual and the benefits in dissolving into one with the elements of water, fire, earth and air. 



6pm: Drumming and singing circle

7pm: Break and Preparation For Purification Lodge

7:30pm: Purification Lodge

10:30am: Cacao ceremony

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Price: £70


mobil: 07757946219 /07985244195