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Shamanic Drumming Circle

  • LND CBD Shop 126 Camden Road London, England, NW1 9EE United Kingdom (map)

Shamanic Drumming Circle

Introduction: Drums have been use for thousands of years by many cultures ancient and modern. Drumming creates a direct connection to the heart of the earth and our hearts. 

Drumming is use in rituals and by shamanic practitioners as tool. It is ceremonial instrumental that opens a channel to our inner self an also to the spirit realm. 

During this 7 drumming circles participants will learn about drumming techniques and how to play afro-Colombian rhythms. 

Our circles will be treat as a sacred space, therefore we will open the space with an intention -this will be decided by the group on the day- we will pray to the 7 directions and to the 4 elements: Water, earth, air and fire. 

By the end of the 7 drumming circles participants will have an clear idea of the use of the drum for shamanic and spirituals purposes and will have acquired a basic knowledge on how to hold a prayer and how to pray and connect with the power of drum. 

Last but not least this sessions will above all fun and good for the soul. 

One to one shamanic drumming tuition is also available during the week between 10am to 6pm. 
Get in touch and dive into the magic of drumming. 

6:30 pm to 7:30pm: Afro-Colombian drumming workshop
We will learn Cumbia and Mapale Rhythms 

From 7:30pm to 8:30pm we will have a Jamming session. 
Price: £15 if you need a drum 
and £10 if you have a drum. 
Or paid £56 for 7 lessons if you have drum or £80 If you need us to provide drum.
Book Now:
Concessions available. 
Get in touch, don’t let money stop you from coming to our circle.

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