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Afro-Colombian Music Workshop with Shango Dely

  • LDN CBD 126 Camden Road, NW1 9EE UK (map)

Dear relatives, is real honour to be hosting the amazing Shango Dely, He will running afro-Colombian music workshop. We will learning about the the Colombian drum the joyful drum "El tambor Alegre de Colombia" and "The Colombian Gaita." 

Workshop: Shango Dely

Shangó Dely is a Colombian musician, of Hungarian and Colombian parents. Dedicated to music, he participates in various musical projects of all colors, from flamenco and Balkan to afrobeat, salsa, Afro-Cuban Latin jazz, Colombian folklore, boleros, samba, etc. Likewise, he dedicates his energies to sow the seeds of genuine joy in percussion lovers through his classes and workshops with his music school.
He was a child prodigy at the age of six, winner of national folk festival awards in his native Colombia at the age of eight, the sensation of the year at the FolkCuba International Percussion Workshop in Havana at ten, instructor at school of his father's ethnic drums since he was 12, it can be said that he started very early and very intensely in his art. Currently he is seen transmitting in his concerts and recordings, as with his fellow musicians, the illusion of being a musician and respect for such a divine and amazing profession. He acknowledges with gratitude the fact that he has been a musician for more than two thirds of his life.

Workshop Program first part: 

Introduction to the Colombian rhythms of the Caribbean:

  • Fundamental characteristics. explanation of instruments.

  • Basic hits and variations

  • Initiation to Cumbia, Chalupa, Bullerengue, Fandango, Son Corrido (merengue), Puya, Tambora, Chandé, Son de Negro, Mapalé

    Youtube channel:

    Second part: The Colombia Gaita: Colombian bagpipes workshop: Kuisi Bunsi "and" Kuisi Sigi " Workshop: Rafa Sarmiento and Shango Dely

    Contents: Introduction to the history of bagpipes, indigenous origins and areas of influence in Colombia.

    Morphology of the instruments: Gaita Hembra (Kuisi Bunsi), Gaita Macho (Kuisi Sigi) and Maraca

    Methodology for interpretation: Styles, postures, embouchure, respiration and fingering

    The record of the bagpipes: Scales and sound possibilities, trills, Writing and method by numbers to learn songs

  • Musical language between the two bagpipes.


    The traditional airs of bagpipe music: Gaita corrida, porro, merengue, puya and cumbia



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