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Curawaka in London

  • Prana yoga space 7-8 Harrow Place London, England, E1 7DB United Kingdom (map)

Curawaka In London

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  Tickets in the door will be £18

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Dear Tribe, is is a honour and a real pleasure to invite you to the Album Launch of Curawaka "Call of the Wild" in London at the Prana Yoga Space. Join us in this beautiful medicine music concert. 


Dear all, thank you so much for waiting patiently for our record, it is being mastered this week and is almost ready to be sent to print. We will make a few concerts around Europe this summer, in Amsterdam, Ibiza, London, Helsinki and Oslo.

Dates to be announced soon! Release of our album will be 17 AUGUST. Wishing you all a beautiful summer and looking forward to seeing some of you on tour. LOTS OF LOVE CURAWAKA

Video credits: William Jobling


Curawaka is the musical project of Anna Bariyani (vocals, guitar, hand drum, rattles), Tavo Vasquez (charango, quena, sikuri), Alberto Arroyo (guitar, bass), Ariel Kuschnir (guitar, percussion) and Bola Cosmic (percussion, bells and chimes).

We use sounds of Scandinavian mythological folklore with elements of indigenous traditions; icaros and plant healing work; mantras and sacred devotional songs from various spiritual traditions; shamanic roots and cosmic reggae; universal culture and world musical landscapes, sound frequency techniques, voice overtones and vibrational sound healing.

Curawaka is a musical platform and a sonic cosmic channel seeking to invoke a transcendental journey through layers of reality, states of consciousness and mystical dimensions in order to summon sacred alliances and awaken ancient memory. In a state of remembrance we can unite with the sacred knowledge of the universe and celebrate the original purpose of our existence.

We sing to connect with the cosmic current and the ever unfolding Great Mystery and allow it to once again flow freely through our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits. We sing with the hope of sharing our humble contribution to the coming of the new dawn.

In 2018 we will be releasing our first full-length album, Call of the Wild, with 11 original tracks, released on Nixi Music. We will also be playing concerts and festivals in Europe during July and August, as well as in Brazil in September.

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Coming album "Call of the Wild" will be released summer of 2018 on Nixi Music.



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