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Native American Mexica Half Moon Ceremony 4 Tobaccos Prayer

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Dear Shimmering Hearts,
it is an honour to invite you once again to hold one night of prayer to celebrate life and connect to the earth and the elements, with medicine man Alberto and medicine woman Anna.

Stepping into this circle is a life changing experience, a journey back in time when humans were deeply connected to the creator and nature. With the guidance of the grandfather medicine from the Mexican desert, we will humbly offer our voices in support of the greater prayer, learning to ask for blessings for our lives and humanity. We will learn how to be present and to stay connected and how to flow in life in a “beautiful way”.

Alberto Arroyo
Alberto Arroyo from Guerrero, Mexico, began his Red Path already as a boy learning from his grandmother, a great curandera of Aztec lineage. Already as an adolescent he began to study the knowledge of his ancestors, the Danza Azteca, the sacred medicines, the rituals, the songs and stories, the cosmology and its magic. He has also been taken under the wings of the Huichol masters of Wirikuta and is member of Native American Church. He continues to walk the sacred path offering his service with his music, the fire, with the water drum, Aztec dances, temazcales and more.

Anna Bariyani
Anna Bariyani, singer and medicine woman from Norway. Deeply rooted in her native Norse folklore and Arctic shamanic traditions, she has for over a decade extended her work through studies with the Yawanawa and Huni Kuin people of the Brazilian Amazon, in addition to the Native American Red Road. Honouring the prophecies of old, Anna dedicates her work to build bridges between all guardians of the Sacred in order to catalyze the paradigm shift into the new time. She is the founder of the Aurora Alliance and the creator of Solaris Festival. She is also the singer of the group Curawaka.

Saturday 29th June  
4 Tobacco Half Moon Ceremony
start 10pm
latest arrival 8pm

Temazcal - Sweat Lodge
start at 1pm
latest arrival 12pm