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Overnight temazcal Tetzkatlipoka Tradition - opssidian mirror


Dear relatives,

It is a honour to share with you one day of teachings and ceremony with the medicine man of Tetzkatlipoka Tradition( Mexica / Aztec).

This workshop is an introduction to an ancestral tradition that teaches the individual to organically work its 5 physical bodies, mental, emotional and spiritual and quantic or energetic. Tetzkatekuhtli Kwauhtlinxan -Mexica medicine man- will hold workshop on Teotlalli and Neva ni Yao teachings.

Teotlalli, the energies of the Earth

Teotlalli is the fundamental part of this philosophy of life, how to use the energies of the earth, with 4 directions and 4 elements to connect, obtain physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic health.

Newa ni Yao, Accepting our destruction.

Theoretical talk of this important theme of the Life Philosophy of the Continuous Tradition Tetzkatlipoka.

Tetzkatlipoka mirror that is obsidian mirror.

Understand our destructive and constructive energy.

Accept and use our destructive and constructive force.

Uses and practices of obsidian mirror.

After the workshop we will have a little rest and get ready for the Temazcal (sweatlodge).

Tetzkatlipoka tradition is holding their Temazales during the night.( Not all night long)

He will also hold the Autum Equinox Ceremony at midday.

As we will stay over night, please do bring tent and all your camping gear.

Contribution is Total £110: Talk: £50 + Temazcal: £60
You can attend and pay separately.
Programme doors open at 7pm
8pm to 11pm: talk and presentation
Temazcal starts at 12am until 4am (around this time).

Places are limited to 20 people.
for booking and more info:

Book now Wirrarika nights Tribal group (non-refundable)


Tetzkatekuhtli Kuauhtlinxan holds the position of Temaxtianitl , who applies the knowledge of the medical system, which has been passed on from teacher to apprentice or from father to son orally and in his case , he is belonging to one of the 22 Kaxtias (dynastic families ) of Mexican tradition , who are in charge of keeping this knowledge after the arrival of the Spaniards in their country.

Tetzkatehutli belongs and has been trained in the sciences and disciplines of the Tezkatlipoka Ancient Tradition and has knowledge about medicine, worldview, calendar systems and warrior and ceremonial dance.

He is also responsible for the instruction of new generations living according to the life philosophy of the Teztkatlipoka Tradition. The main objective of this tradition is to support the development of human beings through always acting consciously and taking full responsibility for their actions in order to achieve the "Supreme Balance in Harmony."

This is how you work with the individual in an integral manner in your 5 physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and quantum bodies (also understand energy).

He is also Tlayakanke Yakatekuhtli, the one who advises the people for a better decision making, as well as who guides and leads the different ceremonies or festivities of the tradition.

It is one of only 9 people who are authorized to apply this knowledge outside the Mexican territory and a member of one of the only 4 Kaxtias (families) that have opened this knowledge to the general public today.

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