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Cacao Ceremony and Sweat Lodge Rituals


Shimmering Hearts

Sweat and Healing Lodge

We are grateful for the opportunity to be sharing these two medicines. The sacred ritual of the Sweat lodge which is an ancient tradition of many cultures around the world. It is profound communion between fire, water and will power, a place where we remember who we are and an opportunity to be born again. It is power cleansing and purification ritual that will connect back to your ancestors taking you back to the womb of the mother to the essence of life itself.


The Sweat Lodge is a ritual where individuals enter a dome-shaped dwelling to experience a sauna-like environment. The lodge itself is typically a wooden-framed structure made from tree branches. Hot rocks –we call them grandmothers and they are consider to be medicine- are placed inside an earthen-dug pit located in the center of this man-made enclosure. Water is periodically poured over the heated rocks to create a hot and steamy room. 

The sweat ceremony is intended as a spiritual reunion with the creator and a respectful connection to the earth itself as much as it is meant for purging toxins out of the physical body.

Mental Healing - The Sweat Lodge ceremony gives its participants the opportunity to free their minds of distractions, offering clarity.

Spiritual Healing - The Sweat Lodge ceremony offers a place for introspection and connection to the planet and the spirit world.

Physical Healing - Sweat Lodge ceremony gives anti-bacterial and wound-healing benefits.

There are many variations in how a Sweat Lodge is carried out, in some cultures it is a sacred ceremony of purification, whereas in others it fulfils the function of physical bath. Our Sweat Lodge bring together different traditions and the ways of different teachers from around the world.

Sweat Lodge focus in helping our participants to establish a sacred relation with the elements. The Sweat Lodge is a place of spiritual refuge and mental and physical healing, a place to get answers and guidance by asking spiritual entities, totem helpers, the Creator and Mother Earth for the needed wisdom and power

.******Sacred Cacao medicine is use by the Mayas and many other cultures from the American continent. Cacao is 'The Food for the Shift'. An Indigenous myth tells us whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people's hearts and return us all to harmony.Ceremonial grade cacao is an important, powerful, and previously overlooked teacher, facilitator, and medicine-plant. For those of you who know that your connection with chocolate runs deep, here we share a very different dimension to that connection - a deeply spiritual or shamanic one. Ceremonial Cacao partners with you on your journey... experience chocolate as the magical partner it is!

***Heads Up Note: Many antidepressants do NOT mix with the tryptophan and MAO (Monoamine Oxidase) Inhibitors in this cacao… Google your medication! – We have seen some very painful migraine headaches...


8pm Start Cacao Ceremony

*Copal cleansing: smudging

*Presentation to the fire*Water blessing

*Serving of Cacao*Sound Journey

*Meditation*Finish 10pm

***Break*** 12am

Sweat & Healing Lodge Starts

*Copal cleansing: smudging

*We go into Sweat Lodge

*4am We come out of sweat reborn

Places are limited: Only 20 tickets available

£70 For cacao ceremony and 1 Sweat Lodge Concessions available

***Bring fruits and food to share

***For more info: 07757946219

Or Email: