Rezo por la Tierra

Resguardo Ukumary  Kankhe


November 2017

We are organising a group from Europe to attend and participate in a great gathering of indigenous leaders in November 2017, the first prayer for the land in the Resguardo Querubin Qeta.

We are calling out to people to come and support this important prayer in the territory of the Cofan people, this particular retreat is an opportunity to experience the variety of different cultures and medicines from the traditions and nations that are partaking.

Our great prayer will be supported by an international group of elders, shamans and traditional authorities from Mexico, UK, Brazil, Peru, USA, Ecuador, Colombia and Cuba in the hope of bringing great healing, peace and strength to the relations between all communities present.

It will be a great “Seeds of Light” exchange as this land has been victim to much violence against humans and our great mother Earth.

Cofan Community (Ukumary Kankhe, Southern Colombia)

We will spend 8 days with the Cofan people in the Putumayo region, south of Colombia.

Participants will experience the culture firsthand; journeying both on foot and during ceremonies in the territory with sacred plant. We will also discover about other sacred medicines of the Cofan tribe such as Mambe and Ambil plus medicines used by tribes such as the Murui people that lived deep in the Amazon.