Shimmering Hearts


Dear All

Tlazocamatli (thank you) for sitting with us in our next half moon ceremony.  We will be welcoming The Spring with our shimmering hearts and with Great Spirit. It is a beautiful time to sit around the fire to pray, transform, transmute.

 Arrival Time

You can arrive at any time after 11am but not later than 8pm (emergency latest arrival 9pm). We will start at 10pm. Ceremony closes at around 6am (sunrise) Saturday.

No one should leave the location before 12 noon please. It is for your own safety.

Temazcal will start at around 1pm it will last around 2 to 3hrs. Inside you can wear shorts/tshirt/sarong or dress or a skirt. You will need a towel, warm clothes and a warm hat for afterwards. It is also nice to share some food or fruit afterwards.

 Location: Barkley Farm Lambourne RM4 1NH.


Dogs are not allow in the farm

You can also park in the pub/restaurant just a few meters passed the Farm. This location can also be found in Google as Barkley Farm Project. Please arrange your journey before hand, as I will be very busy to answer the phone on the day. The nearest station is Hainault station on the central line. You can take a cab or Uber from the station, it costs around £6. If you are driving and wish to share your car please let me know to try to arrange lifts. 

 People staying for the two nights can bring their tents if you want to sleep during the day. Normally we sleep inside tipi but of course the tipi is not the quietest place to sleep.

 We will have a communal soup (light food) please bring something (vegetables) to add to the pot ;-) you can also bring your own food if you wish and fruits to share during the day.

 Ceremony will be run in the traditional way of the Native America. You will be sitting up all night, so bring a comfortable cushion to sit on. We suggest you dress with light colors and for women to wear a skirt. Bring warm clothes.

 Bring instruments and songs to share music in the circle. When we sing we connect to the creator to our mother earth and the elements. We do not expect you to be professional singers or musicians. Music around this fire circle is about the heart ;-) so no worry, people often find their voices around these circles.

 Please bring the rest of the contribution in cash on the day and some extra cash if you want to buy beadwork necklaces and wristbands from indigenous communities in Colombia and Mexico.

 Wet wipes are banned due to people leaving them used around the farm and also clogging and flooding the toilets. There is a sink you are welcome to have a wash using soap and own small towel. You are responsible for removing your own rubbish at the end.

The farm is a sacred space and is used to run projects for vulnerable people.

 ·      Don’t drive minicabs in

·      No recreational drugs at least 1 week before

·      Look after your sacred energy




Key people in the ceremony

Road Man: Guides the Ceremony

Fire Keeper: Person who works the fire all night

Door person: Person in charge of helping the fire keeper and helping everyone in the Teepee.

Water drummer: Drummer for the singing- the carrier of the heart beat of the ceremony

Cedar person: Person that puts cedar as an offering each time the Road Man directs.

Water Prayer: Takes place around midnight and the Road Man or a person chosen by him does it.

Sacred Women: These are the chosen women that will prepare the sacreds (water, corn, deer meat and fruit). This will come into the Teepee after sunrise.

 All ladies should be wearing long skirts and all participants should be wearing light colours.

1.   Main prayer will be presented at the beginning. The main prayer is the “purpose” of the meeting. It is tradition to chose the reason why we are doing this ceremony.  

2.   Ceremony starts around 10pm. 

3.   You will be sitting up all night looking into the grandfather fire. It is recommended that you bring a small cushion or backrest to sit on and that is all you will need. Please leave all additional bags up in the designated area.

 4.   We move inside the Teepee in a clockwise direction. This includes the singing, the medicine and walking out of the Teepee to the toilet.

5.   Move in clockwise direction when leaving, do not pass behind the fire keeper, do not cross the medicine or the water drum at any point. If in doubt, please wait for the doorman who will be there to assist you.

6.   You will not need a water bottle during ceremony. There will be no water consumed until the Water Prayer -little after midnight - Please do not drink your own drinks during ceremony. During the Water Prayer everybody should focus in the prayer in that specific moment. After the prayer is finished the water will be passed person to person and we will each pour a small cup to drink, there is no need to hold the water and pray anymore, time is of the essence, drink quickly so as not to become stagnant.

7.   Midnight water and water prayer- at midnight the water enters the room. When the sacred water enters in the room it is important to get up onto your knees or kneel for the water. One person will pray for the water. As the water comes around in the bucket/glass bottle, simply lift it and move it across, do not turn the bucket. Pour the water and drink it quickly. Again, at this time please don’t hold onto the water or pray anymore. The water has already been prayed for and this will allow the ceremony to flow better and bring the power of the collective prayer.

8.   Singing: 4 songs per person each round- please try to sing to all the elements equally to keep the energy balanced and strong. Singing in front of a group of people may feel a bit challenging for many people. Please don’t feel any pressure to sing. We sing only to connect to the creator and to the elements. Singing should come from the heart, it is our way to say: Hey creator, Hey Great Spirit, I am here! You can sing in your mother tongue and something as an offering to creation. It will be great if you can sing songs from the Native American tradition, especially because they were created for these specific rituals. But we know this can take some time for some people to learn, so no pressure. You can find songs and lyrics in our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Shimmeringheartsweatldoge/

9.   Singing will be accompanied by the water drum. The water drum is one of the most important elements in the ceremony as it carries the heartbeat of the ceremony. You will start singing only once the rattle and staff have been passed to you and the water drummer is beside you ready to go. Do not play the rattle too hard it is delicate.  Once you finish you will pass the rattle and the staff to the person on the left of you. If you are not singing just pass the rattle and the staff to the person next to you.

10. During the ceremony sacred Tobacco will be lit and may be passed around for everyone to pray. You will hold the Tobacco with your left hand with the lit part pointing to your heart. Please don’t inhale the Tobacco.  Tobacco is not to be inhaled; it is to pray. Only ever think good thoughts when a Tobacco is lit as it is a very very powerful medicine, which manifests anything you are thinking in that moment.

11. There will be moments when the “Cedar Person” will put Cedar in the fire for everybody to bless. Sometimes the Cedar will be for the water or for another reason. Please try to be mindful and only bless yourself when the Cedar is for you or for the group. The roadman will let us know what the Cedar will be for. You can simply use your hands to draw the smoke from the fire and pat your body where it is needed.

12. Please do not interrupt the ceremony or stand up while someone is singing or when the Road Man is talking. If you need to go outside ask permission and the Road man will indicate you the right moment to leave the Teepee.

13. The Sacred Offering: In the morning when the sacred water and food’s come around (water, corn, deer meat and fruit) please keep each of the bowls together, take a few pieces and pass it on quickly don’t hold onto the bowl. Eat what you take, remember it is an offering.

14. Always wait until the singing stops before getting up to go to the toilet. If you go outside to the toilet, please do not use wet wipes as they are banned, due to someone leaving them around the farm, they are not biodegradable.

15. If you need to get well, please do so by the grandfather fire or as directed by the roadman, can sometimes be outside or in wellness bucket.

16. Throughout the night always pray for what you want always rather than what you don’t want.

17.  Bring an open loving heart.

18. Please do not mix any other medicines during this retreat it is dangerous and you will be asked to leave immediately