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Shimmering Hearts



Barkley Farm Lambourne RM4 1NH. There is parking but not very big, please let us know if you are driving.

Parking will be limited and has a costs £10 per weekend.   


you can also park in

the pub/restaurant just a few meters passed the Farm.

This location can also be found in Google as Barkley Farm Project.

Please arrange your journey before hand, as I will be very busy to answer the phone on the day. The nearest station is Hainault station on the central line. You can take a cab or Uber from the station, it costs around £6. If you are driving and wish to share your car please let me know to try to arrange lifts.

Dogs are not allow in the farm unfortunately.

 Please arrive no later than 8pm.

 You can arrive to the farm, any time after 11am.

Temazcal starts at 1pm

Night Circle starts at 9pm. 

Ceremony finish at 6am. for Safety reasons, no one leave the farm before 12noon. Please if have to leave before let us know.

 Other information:

 · We will provide a vegetable soup and fruits. Please bring food and food to share too as well.  

· Please bring own cup and cutlery. 

· Wet wipes are banned due to people leaving them used around the farm and also clogging and flooding the toilets. 

· There is a sink you are welcome to have a wash using soap and own small towel. We have cold showers.  

You are responsible for removing your own rubbish at the end.

This is plastic and waste free Retreat

Whatever you bring you take with you. The farm is place for healing and must be respected. We take all rubbish with us. The farm is a sacred space and is used to run projects for vulnerable people.

Please note that we are trying our best to minimise the imapct of our retreats in the farm and also we are trying to WALK the talk :-)

· Don’t drive minicabs in the farm. 

· No plastic, Bring a bottle of water and refill it at the farm. Water at the farm is really good. 


You will need warm gear as we will be undertaking the ceremony in traditional Wixarika style and will be outside with the fire under the stars all night. It's also a very good idea to bring a skin, rug or mat to sit on, something nice and warm like a blanket, and if you have a backrest. And waterproofs! If you are staying both nights you can bring a tent to pitch.

Please bring flowers, chocolate or anything you wish to be blessed on the altar. And remember a white candle, in a glass. If you're staying both nights you will need one that will last. 

To prepare for the ceremony, it's best to fast as much as possible, maybe a breakfast and some snacks, fruit etc during the day. Also for the three days before the ceremony try eat to as healthy and lightly as possible and prepare yourself mentally with your intention and focus. This is very important, as the more preparation and intention you put in, the more you will receive from the ceremony.


As part of this preparation, gather a cotton thread or string and tie a knot in it for each sexual partner you have ever had in your life (not including the current one if you are in a relationship. Try to remember their name and also some details of the encounter as you are tying the knot. Also, if there are any traumas or bad experiences you also wish to release at this time, think about these and tie another knot to represent each one. Bring your string to the ceremony as the experiences they represent will be cleansed in the sacred fire, Tatewari. 

Please don't bring any alcohol or other substances on site as this can interfere with the healing process. It's often good to avoid these also for three days before and after the ceremonies. 

The Marakame will also be offering healing during the day for an exchange. There will also be some beautiful jewellery and other stuff from the communities for sale so bring some spare cash if you intend to shop! 

If have any other questions about the ceremony, please email. 

• Confidentiality: Never under any circumstances say the name of the farm or of our landlady our side our circle of friends and of course never disclosed what goes on in the farm. Please very careful what you say in the minicab or Uber. In our confidentiality depends that we can continue doing our work. “What happens at the farm stays at the farm”

We really look forward to sharing ceremony with you and feeding the land with our prayers!


Shimmering Hearts Team  

You must book parking space in advance. Parking is limited.

Cost of Parking is £10

Please let us know if you are willing to share a ride with other people thank you.

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