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The Temazcal is a Native American tradition where individuals enter a dome-shaped dwelling to experience a sauna-like environment. The lodge itself is typically a wooden-framed structure made from tree branches. Hot rocks –we call them grandmothers and they are consider to be medicine- are placed inside an earthen-dug pit located in the center of this man-made enclosure. Water is periodically poured over the heated rocks to create a hot and steamy room. As the water vapor rises the healer’s songs begin, accompanied by the tambor (drum) and sonaja (rattle) When entering this temple of transformation we can utter the phrase ‘’Ahó Metakuye Oyasin’’ which is a mantra meaning ”All our relationships and we are all brothers and sisters”.  By saying these words we are decreeing the intention to heal, strengthen and clarify our relationships with all that we are, and all that surrounds us.

The sweat Lodge ceremony is intended as a spiritual reunion with the creator
and a respectful connection to the earth itself as much as it is meant for purging toxins out of the physical body.

The entrance to the Womb of the Mother Earth. A ritual to be born again.

The entrance to the Womb of the Mother Earth. A ritual to be born again.

Mental Healing- The Temazcal or Sweat Lodge ceremony gives its participants the opportunity to free their minds of distractions, offering clarity. It is an opportunity to learn how to tame the mind and connect to our non-egoic sense of self.  When this eternal self is contacted and revived, we achieve greater control of our minds and learn to purge negative thoughts, adjust habits and thought patterns, and generate positive life changes.

Spiritual Healing

The Temazcal or Sweat Lodge ceremony offers a place for introspection and connection to the planet and the spirit world. We connect with our essence through the four elements of nature (fire, water, air, earth), meditation, singing and prayer. It is a moment of power in our lives, an opportunity to reconcile ourselves with all our relationships, our health and our spiritual path. It is an opportunity to stop and find ourselves.

Emotional Benefits - The Temazcal or Sweat Lodge is a symbolic regression to the mother’s womb and reconnection with our inner child. With prayer and the opportunity to express deep feelings in a sacred and supportive environment we purify “the emotional waters”. An outpouring of stagnant emotions occurs, thus opening a step toward deeper healing. Moreover, The Temazcal or Sweat Lodge  ceremonies cure and decrease fears and phobias.


A group of people learning how to become a family, healing all their relations.

Physical Healing - The Temazcal ceremony gives anti-bacterial and wound-healing. Virtually every organ of the body is stimulated and purged of toxins. The following is a list of some of the specific physical benefits:

Cleanses the lungs, Purifies the digestive system, Tones the nervous system, Stimulates the circulatory system, Tones and softens the skin, Relaxes the musculatory system, Eliminates internal toxins, timulates the immune system , Helps regulate female, reproductive cycles, Regulates metabolism, Purifies the blood, Relieves fatigue by producing abundant negatively charged ions, Renews and expands the aura, Helps weight loss, Relieves fluid retention


The The Temazcal or Sweat Lodge was and still is used to deliver babies thanks to its obvious symbolism, high temperature similar to the womb and its ceremonial nature. Families receive new members in the temple of Mother Earth.


There are many variations in how a The Temazcal or Sweat Lodge is carried out, in some cultures it is a sacred ceremony of purification, whereas in others it fulfils the function of physical bath. Our The Temazcal or Sweat Lodge brings together different traditions and the ways of different teachers from around the world. 


The The Temazcal or Sweat Lodge is a place of spiritual refuge and mental and physical healing, a place to get answers and guidance by asking spiritual entities, totem helpers, the Creator and Mother Earth for the needed wisdom and power.

Skin contact with the earth through the feet and the base of the spine produces a grounding effect for the lower chakras and creates a connection with Mother Earth. It also facilitates a release of blocked energies and promotes the free flow of energy in the body. The upper chakras are also encouraged by the spiritual character of the ceremony, creating a balance of energies. The high concentration of negative ions within the Temazcal generates an aura renewal and purification. Energy revitalizes the body through interaction with nature.


With the rising of Father Sun, the source of life and power, dawn of wisdom, while the fire heat the rocks is the undying light of the world, eternity, and it is a new spiritual beginning day that we seek in the sweat Lodge ceremony.


Today we know that induced perspiration has benefits in the treatment of: skin diseases, liver diseases, circulatory system problems, rheumatism, arthritis, gout and other chronic diseases.  Thanks to its unique methods, the Temazcal is perhaps the most effective healing technique of this type. Surely the list of conditions for which it has been used throughout the centuries would be much longer than this one.

The therapeutic use of The Temazcal or Sweat Lodge is also associated with thermotherapy, hydrotherapy, music therapy, neurolinguistics, aromatherapy etc. It helps in the treatment of many physical and mental illnesses and is of course an excellent practice of preventive medicine when used regularly as a purification ritual.

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