Thetahealing and Quantic Healing Confirmation Details

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Dear all

Thank you for joining our seminar about Thetahealing &Quantic Healing, run by Father Camilo Cardozo.

We will arrive at 11am to prepare the space and make as comfortable and cosy as possible. so if you wish to arrive before and give us a hand you are welcome to join us.

The programme is as follow:

 Subjects of the Seminar

·      The Power of the words & thoughts

·      7th plane guided meditation

·      Exercise of energetic activation of the 7 chakras of the participants

·      The 7th planes of existence  

·      Muscular test  ( arm, fingers, balance) Thetahealing method

·      4th levels of believes according to Thetahealing

·      Believes work session

·      Comands and healing witness (visualisation) 

·      Energetic cuts

·      Exercise of self-healing according to Thetahealing method

·      Song of the heart exercise

Exorcism and Liberation

·      What is a exorcism according to the ritual catholic church

·      Ordinary and extraordinary demonic activity (temptation, oppression, obsession, vexation, infestation and possession)

·      How to identify a demonic possession 

·      Exorcism steps (exercise)

·      Exorcist and witchcraft: 4 cases

·      Black magic

·      Curses

·      Spells

·      El Mal de Ojo (Evil Eye)

·      What is a liberation prayer? How to do it?

·      What are the sacraments? What are the sacraments for and how to use it.  

·      Lay on hands and anointing of holy oil to the participants for spiritual and energetic cleanse.

What to Bring:

White clothes (suggestion)   
Fruits/ Water 

The seminars will be run in a way that will as much time as we can practicing the techniques with the group. Any questions give me a call or send a message.

Mobil: 07757496219