Wirrarika Night


Wirrarika Nights Fire Ceremony

Tuesday 20th of August


Dear Shimmering Hearts,

It is an honour to invite you once again to hold one night of prayer around the fire. Celebrating life and connect to the earth and the elements, with medicine of the Wirrarike people. We have the honor to invite you to this Wixarika fire prayer with a very special healer Eugenio "Uru Muile" Marakame son of Don Emilio.

Calcote Farmhouse Drive
Horsham Road
West Sussex
BN44 3AA

Postcodes aren’t accurate so here are the exact coordinates for satnav

50.916502, -0.324284

An Uber from Shoreham -by-Sea train station is around £20 which could be shared by four

There are different ceremonies according to the season of the year and traditional calendar, every ceremony is very important to complete the cycle of life that begins when the sacred Maiz is planted and ends when the pilgrimage is completed during the Hikuri Fest.

This fire prayer is a healing ceremony in which the Marakame invites the sacred Spirit of the Deer, Kayumari, to work and heal you from the heart.

Don Eugenio will pray while chanting and healing through his chants, Eusebio will be playing the traditional music. The ceremonies will last from dusk until dawn.


Tuesday 20th August   
Ceremony starts 10pm
latest arrival 8pm
We look forward to sitting with you around the fire

Much love

What to bring?

-A white candle large enough to burn throughout the night, a candle in a glass jar will protect your
flame from the wind and will last for some days after. -Flowers and fruit, tabaco and chocolate as offerings to the altar.
-Sleeping bag and clothes to stay warm but bot to sleep we ask to stay awake all night long.
-Music instruments; between the Marakame prayers you can play music, chants or share your prayers.
-Anything you want to be blessed by the Spirits (filled with energy), could be pictures of family,
crystals, stones, healing tools etc…
-We will be offering unique & beautiful Wixarika jewelry and art - please
bring extra cash in case you'd like to purchase them and support many families and the Community’s Artisans.


The suggested donation for this powerful healing prayer is going to be:
 £130 per night

The retreat includes the Fire night and food, breakfast and lunch will be provided. We recommend no to eat after 5pm.


To reserve your place please make a deposit via bank transfer of £50 (non refundable). The rest can be paid in cash on your arrival.
Paypal: healingthelandproject@gmail.com

Healing the Land Project
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Book now Wirrarika nights (non-refundable)

Please put your name and date(s) you will be attending as reference and also send email to: 
rodbauk@gmail.com & shimmeringhearts@outlook.com

 Details will be sent out when the place is confirmed.

We recommend to have a diet free of junk food, fat and salt before attending the Healing retreat. Detox as much as you can your body & mind, remember to be have an intention to pray and do be aware of why are you coming to this retreat. Don't take any psycho active plants, drugs and refrain from sex relations for at least 3 days before and 3 days after to allow the Deer Spirit to work with your energy as clean as possible, and to have a better integration on the next days after the weekend ceremonies.
Alcohol, drugs and any plant medicine (except Tabaco) are not allowed during the weekend, to allowed the Deer Spirit to work with you, and to respect the process and intentions of other Brothers and Sisters; someone could be healing Alcoholism or Drug addictions and they may be disturbed and moved out of their focus.
If you are taking any strong medicament such as morphine, cortisone, and antidepressant... stop it 3 days before and LET US KNOW!!.

Anyway this Healing Medicine does not have any dangerous contraindications, but cleaning-healing process can be intense...
Thank you 

These are photos of our last pilgrimage to the desert of Wirrikuta in MArch 2019


We will be back in March 2020

JOin us

and walk with us to this magical and powerful place on earth.

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