Native American Half Moon Ceremony with Xochipilli.  3rd & 4th of May 2019  London  

Native American Half Moon Ceremony with Xochipilli. 
3rd & 4th of May 2019 


Holding two night of prayers to celebrate life and connect to the spring

Dear Shimmering Hearts it is a honour to invite you once more to the Tepee prayer with our brother Xochipilli Nahuimitl in London.

Xochipilli Nahuimitl is road man with many years of experience in the use of the sacred medicine from the desert of Mexico. He embodies the wisdom of his people sharing it with love and in a clear and profound way. Stepping into his circle is a life changing experience, a journey back in time when humans were deeply connected to the creator and nature. Throughout the night we will humbly offer our voices in support of the greater prayer, learning to ask for blessings for our lives and humanity. With Xochipilli Nahuimitl we will learn how to be present and to stay connected and how to flow in life in a “beautiful way”. 

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DATE & TIME     Friday 3rd till Sunday 5th May


Friday 3rd till Sunday 5th May

We will be sitting through the night in the teepee on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th May. We will start each night at 10pm but it is possible to arrive earlier anytime from 10am so that you can settle into the space and offer a hand in the preparation. During the day on Saturday there will be time to relax and in the night we repeat the same start time as on Friday.


The location’s closest station is Hainult, it is on a beautiful piece of land surrounded by nature. By confirming your attendance, we will send you details of the address closer to the time.


From our experience we have noticed that participating in the entire weekend provides a more rooted and complete experience for everyone, however it is possible to just sit for one night or do one Sweat Lodge depending on available space.

We ask for a contribution of £240 for both nights or £130 for one night. Sweat Lodge is £40 per Sweat lodge or £70 for Two.  



To reserve your place please make a deposit via bank transfer of £50 (non refundable). The rest can be paid in cash on your arrival.
Paypal: healingthelandproject@gmail.com

Book now (non-refundable)

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When paying your deposit please use your full name as reference only.

Once you have made the transfer please confirm with us via email.



As we will be sitting up around the fire through the night in the teepee it is important that you feel comfortable. Please bare in mind that the teepee can get full as this is a popular circle, so only bring what you need in with you (you can store extra bags etc in the kitchen area).

We suggest that you bring:

- Something comfortable to sit on: cushion, blanket, meditation cushion, back jack

- Comfortable clothing (we pray for good weather, but come prepared if it rains or gets cold). And we ask that, in keeping with this tradition, women wear long skirts during the ceremony.

-    Flashlight

-    extra bedding for during the daytime if you intend to rest (it is possible for you to bring your own tent which you can pitch up in the surrounding area for rest time during the day also)

-    During the day time we will share food, please bring fruits and veggies (for the soup) to contribute and anything else you may like to eat

-    This is a collective prayer where we will focus on a main intention through the night, however this is a great opportunity to bring with you your own personal prayer and intention for the ceremony.


We look forward to sitting with you around the fire

Much love

Shimmering Hearts