Healing the Land Project


We are helping to protect and preserve delicate parts of the Amazon Rainforest. 


The message of the elders

For thousand of years the native people of these lands, the A’i people, have been looking after the forest and living in harmony with animals and elements. The modern way of life is now a serious threat to the environment and not only to the native people but also to the whole human race.  The forest is being consumed at an alarming rate, the animals are losing their habitat and the native way of living is not longer sustainable, forcing them into poverty and hunger. The forest is losing its capacity to create rain and the rivers are drying. The elders say we are reaching the point of no return, and they no longer can protect the land alone…. They need our help, we must take responsibility and work shoulder to shoulder with them to stop the destruction of our most precious treasure, the rain forest. Without the rain forest there will be no rain and no life can be sustained without water. What happens in the Amazon concerns us all. 


Our Mission

To help protect the animals and flora that live in the forest protected area.

To establish a healing and development center to support those people seeking physical and spiritual healing and also to implement new technologies that will help us to heal the land.

To support the native communities in the development and implementation of educational and cultural projects. 

OUR Vision 

To extend our protection for the benefit of the animals, specially the Jaguar and the Tapir, and the protection of the rivers in the region.

“La tierra tambien tiene derechos…… The land also has rights ”
— Taita Querubin Queta (highest authority of the Cofan Nation)

Our Objectives

  • To buy land from private land owners to stop the corporations from going deeper into the forest. 
  • To work with the indigenous communities in the region to help them protect the land.
  • To build the Healing and Education Centre.
  • To run educational & environmental  projects that help improve the living conditions of the communities and the animals in the region. 
  • To establish bridges of communication and collaboration between the communities and London.
  •  To create and spread awareness about the current situation of the indigenous communities around the world.