Shamanic Drumming Course

When we drumm we create resonance. Rosonance is energy and energy is a amazing and valuable resource. Thus, we must be concius of our responsibility and blessing as drummers, as creaters of resonance.

The journey start in ourselfs

In is Out!

the inner self goes way beyond any measure

Earth Element

Writing down years of learning, nights of magic and suffering is not easy task. Specially when the aim is to pass on knowledge and teachings in a simple but structured way. How can we strutured years of experience, of mistakes, deaths and rebirths? Shamanism is about walking the path, planting seeds of love and inspiration, there are no shortcuts to this knowledge, it must be lived.

During the clases we will do meditation exercises and explore different concepts about shamanism and spirituality. The exercises may vary or change complety further into the course.

Module One

1)   Meditation exercises: we will learn our bodies in detail. Is about learning to look at us from outside. Like a spirit having a body experience, Looking at his\ers avatar. This helps to:

·      Achieve strong concentration

·      Paves the way to lucid dreaming  

·      Create counciness/awakening the connection to our higher self 2)   Altar: we will construct our altar with the elements that we want to work with or allies. We will start using druming to programme and activate our altar and sacred objects. Please bring sacre objects, crystals or anything else that you want to use for your altar.  

·      Bring green candle

·      Bring fruit

3)   Spirit Animals: drumming is one of the most effective ways to contact our power animal. This is a exercise for connection and undertsanding of the concept of chanelling. Power animal are: protectorts, advisers, support and wisdom.


4)   Finding our innner voice. We will sing together to the heavens and to nature but first to our hearts.


5)   In the last day of the module we will do Pagamento. We will take our offerings to the arth, to nurture her, so show our love and gratitude. This is a very direct and humbled way to connect ourselves to the mother to the provider. 

The shaman has a social and political role in its community,

He goes into the underworld in search of knowledge

The knowledge needed to allivate the ills of his/hers community.